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Server update 2/23-3/1

By Persistant Owner - Posted Mar 2, 18

Hey everyone, over this past week I have been trying my best to improve the server as much as I can, I think I have done a pretty good job for the time slot I was given, and considering it was only 1 person. Below I am going to talk about some of the things I did while the server was under maintenance.

Factions versions - 

So the previous factions plugin we used was fine and worked well, but lacked the customizable aspect, this made for a less aesthetic look as well as a lack in functionality. So, I deleted our old factions plugin installed factions UUID which I like a lot more, customized that to my liking, added a custom help page, reclaimed all the faction land for Warzone, and safezone, etc.

So, now that we have a new factions version what does that mean? Well it means that there will now be a Ftop prize, I will be giving out REAL MONEY over paypal. I am planning on starting off with a 100 dollar prize, we will see how that works out, but you MUST have paypal otherwise I can't send the money. This ftop prize will most likely be given out 4/3 I have added a cool plugin which essentially allows you to upgrade your faction using /f upgrade. This plugin allows you to make crops grow quicker by purchasing crop upgrades, the way the crop upgrades work is that its not a speed booster but rather a chunk booster. The chunk booster means that ANY land in your claims will grow faster, not just a selected region, so say a cactus grows at 1 chunk or one piece every 5 minutes, the first upgrade would give you a 25% chance to grow the cactus 2 chunks instead of one, thus increasing the speed of growth of crops. Another cool thing with the upgradable factions is that you can buy warps for your faction, warps allow you to basically have another sethome for your faction, you can even include passwords if you don't want some faction members using the warps, each warp costs more money, and you can have up to 10 warps. Another upgrade would be that you can now upgrade spawners, with /f upgrade you can increase the speed of mobs spawning on your spawners (There is also another way to upgrade spawners, but I will go into that later.) Finally, you can now upgrade the exp you receive in your claims, meaning when you kill a mob you can get up to 75% more exp. 

Mob Upgrades:

So aside from switching factions versions I spent a lot of time on working on mobs in this upgrade, from custom spawners, spawner upgrades, to mob rewards, to mob stacking, I pretty much did everything you could with mobs. The first thing I will talk about will be spawners, spawners are now very, and I mean very unique. You can stack spawners within each other, buy spawner upgrades which increase spawn rate permanently, and buy time boosts such as 3x spawn for 1 hour on a certain spawner. Spawners are not only stackable, but you can now put multiple spawners into one creating an omnispawner! This brings a whole new aspect to spawners, you can have a skeleton, creeper, zombie spawner all in one! Another unique thin is that I have added custom spawners! Some of the custom spawners I have come up with so far are diamond spawners, believe it or not this spawner will spawn diamonds at an endless supply! I have also added a mineral spawner, which allows EVERY single mineral to spawn, so redstone, lapis lazuli, diamonds, gold, coal, iron, and emeralds. I will also be adding "farming spawners" these will spawn different crops such as sugar cane, wheat etc. Please leave suggestions if you have any! Ok so now that we have discussed spawners I went on to add custom rewards to EVERY single mob out there. Some of these rewards would be getting emeralds for killing villagers, adding new value to villagers, jump boost potions for killing rabbits, arrow trails keys for killing skeletons, tnt for killing creepers, obsidian for killing enderman and much much more, I will post a link where you can see all mob rewards and percentages of drop. So, some players complained about lag with spawners, and considering you can significantly upgrade spawners now I figured I would need a mob stacking plugin. So mobs now stack by themselves in stacks of up to 20 each, this greatly reduces lag and allows players to afk without crashing their minecraft.


Envoys are supply drops that drop in the warzone, or this case the map I released, this promotes pvping and adds a unique aspect to the game. I have been working on a custom map for envoys for a little over a month now, and now is the time for releasing it, you can now use /warp Envoy for a completely custom map with over 40 supply crates available. There will be 1 envoy per day you can check when the next envoy will be with /envoy.


King of the hill is yet another plugin I added, you can get help with this plugin by using /koth. King of the hill allows a faction to capture an area and hold it for 1 minute without getting knocked out of the zone, if they capture it and hold it for a minute they will get 3 OP pieces of loot, which are selected randomly from the loot chest /koth loot to check the available loot. WARNING - YOU MUST BE IN A FACTION TO CAPTURE A KOTH!!


I have added a new Donor rank called Surge, this rank will be 100 dollars and contain some pretty cool things. Some things  I added to this plugin would be Player vaults, which allow a player to have a personal vault. Another cool thing is that this rank has faction fly, allowing the player to fly in their faction and safezone. This rank also contains ALL chat colors and the player can change their own chat color with a GUI. 

Cosmetic Upgrades:

I spent a good chunk of time upgrading the looks of the server, this included Auto-messages, Lag clear, the MOTD when you log in, chat, factions, and help. I ended up making all of those plugins more aesthetic as well as added some helpful information in /help /f help, and the message of the day when you log in. I plan on continuing with the theme and will continue to make plugins look a bit better to draw some more players.


As a few of you know I purchased a logo for $125 dollars, unfortunately a few of you did not like it, I will not give my opinion on it, but I let the players decide. So basically, I am getting a new logo done for $75 dollars, this will allow me to advertise with it a bit more, and just give the server the proffesional vibe that it needs.


As many of you know I tried hiring youtubers and that failed pretty badly, lets just say I got scammed more than my fair share of money. I will now be starting a youtube and I will be taking it seriously, it will take a while to gain subscribers, but I am confident that I will make a decent channel. Miserqble and I are going to be streaming/playing in a lot of series together to kick off our channel, and anyone wanting to can join us as long as they have a youtube. 


The server will be having a 50% off sale starting 3/2 and ending 3/5. This sale will be on everything, and I highly encourage you to donate because believe it or not running a server is pretty expensive :). If you do plan on donating after the sale I can probably give you some sort of discount if you let me know, any donation counts, I spend a lot of time, and a lot of my own money working on the server, it would be nice to get out of server debt. :P

Side note:

I will be posting more on the website and I will have a more detailed information link to every one of these topics I touched on, but I thought I would let you guys know what I have been up to for the past week.

- Persistant