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SurgePvP Launch!

By Persistant Owner - Posted Jan 14, 18

        As many of you may know SurgePvP is officially back up as of 1/12/18. I am going to go into details about some of the changes made and some information needed for returning players. The server has a lot of cool new features as well as tweaks that needed to be made and that weren't done last server.


        One of the new things added was Custom Biomes, these Biomes allow for unique gameplay and definitely appeal aesthetically. Most servers don't have Custom Biomes so we hope to draw some new players as well as change it up a little bit because the regular biomes are quite boring. To go along with the new Biomes the map was shrunk down to 4000 by 4000, the idea of this was that this will increase raiding, which is very important to factions, and that this small world will make players make stronger bases.


          Along with tweaks on the map there were tweaks made on the Server Economy. Last server players were able to get rich fairly quickly, and as many of you know once you have everything in the game you probably aren't going to play as much. The changes we made to the economy now mean that you make less for selling items such as crops and mob loots, and that almost everything at the shop costs more than it did before. Another thing to go along with the economy is the de-opping of Ranks and Crates. One thing that needed to be done was de-op Ranks a little bit, the reason for this is we try not to have a pay to win game, that being said having good stuff encourages donating, but the de-opping had to be done.Crates were another thing that that HAD to be fixed, they were WAY too OP so I reduced rewards by almost 50%, and adjusted the chances of getting certain items such as spawners. The current server has a much more balanced economy, and it will be monitored closely to make sure nothing becomes OP.



           We strive hard to find new plugins that players like and that bring interesting gameplay to the server, we have added a few new plugins to spice gameplay up a little bit. Some of the plugins we have added are uncraftable items, you can no longer craft hoppers, Super Golden Apples, and possibly TNT, however we are not positive that we are going to keep TNT uncraftable. Another thing plugin that should help overall fairness of the server is a new anticheat plugin that detects players hacking and can automatically ban them, this allows for fair PvP and gameplay, and won't force the person who isn't hacking having to post a ton of evidence to get someone banned. We have also added a menu on the right side of the screen that displays information such as player balance, server websites, and faction info. New plugins that are going to be added are Envoys, they will be changed from last time, we are waiting on the server to get more popular in order to add them. KOTH is another plugin that will be released soon, we intend on making a large arena of some sort for this plugin. Another interesting plugin that will be added is a custom leveling system that allows you to improve your rank without donating, and adds a whole different ranking system to the server.


            Some questions that returning players may have are some of the following, I am sure some of the returning players are wondering "Will I get my rank back if I donated?" , the answer to this question is yes, all donator ranks are saved on my computer and as soon as you join you will receive your rank back. Another question that will be asked is "Do I still have my stuff from the old server?" The answer to that question is no, everything has been reset including all factions, the map, and all player data. Another question I have already heard "Why did the server shutdown?" The answer to this question would be that many, many players refunded, and I could not play as much due to school, and lost interest after so many refunds. Some of you might ask "Why play if it shut down last time what's going to stop it from happening again?" A few reasons that this server will be successful were the other one wasn't would be that I am about to graduate school, have a LOT of free time on my hands. Also I have some things that were never released on the other server that are close to being released on here, and I have some brand new ideas that should draw players and keep it fun. Although the first server shut down, I do intend to keep this one up for as long as I possibly can!



          Lastly, we need YOUR ideas to keep the server going! Without the input of players we are unsure where to take the server, we need your input for plugins, server suggestions, and any comments or suggestions on how to make the server better. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the server as much as I do! See you on the server!


- Jacob IGN:soccerboyjacob12